From the original downtown which is now underground to the Smith Tower, this area is rich with history. Visit seedy bars like the Central to see where grunge bands got there start or grab a cheesesteak at Tat’s and head to Waterfall Garden Park for a scenic lunch. We recommend doing it all.

Author: Postdlf
Seattle Underground Tour/Underworld Tour
This guided tour is an interesting way to learn about Seattle history and see first hand the old downtown. We recommend the adult-oriented Underworld Tour as admission includes a cocktail and the stories are about sex, drugs, and shenanigans.

Author: Christopher S. Maloney
Smith Tower
Built in 1914, the Smith Tower is the oldest skyscraper in the city. It was the tallest structure (38 stories) on the West Coast until the Space Needle surpassed it in 1962.

Author: Joe Mabel
Historic Pub Crawl
As far as we know this isn’t an actual thing but I’m sure some independent company has tour around this. Get a cocktail made with Washington distilled liquors at Merchants Cafe and Saloon, Seattle’s oldest restaurant.  See where bands like Alice and Chains, Nirvana, and Sound Garden played at the J&M Cafe and The Central Saloon, both of which offer stiff drinks at cheap price and claim to be Seattle’s oldest bar. Lastly, stop into the Triangle Pub. This unique structure was once a brothel from the ’20’s until the end of World War II.

Author: Joe Mabel
Waterfall Garden Park
Also known as “UPS Park” as it was the first location of the UPS headquarters. A peaceful retreat in the busy city.