You’re in Seattle, of course you’re supposed to go to the market. But while you’re here, be on the lookout for these things:
ghost tours
Market Ghost Tours
If you do this you’re actually likely to see many of our other suggestions and it’s fun.

gum wall
The Gum Wall
If entering the Market on Pike Street, hook a left just before you reach Pike Place Fish Market,where they famously toss fish, and proceed down the stairs. Head right and into the alley. The wall will be on your left across from the Alibi Room, which incidentally, has delicious pizza.

fish market
Pike Place Fish Market
Stopping here to have a watch for few minutes is always entertaining. The Fish Market is also one of, if not the best place to buy fresh fish. Their prices are competitive, customer service is top notch, and they’re sustainable to boot!

The original Starbucks
Located on the East side of the Market between Stewart & Virginia St.